Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Nigeria company, Unique Business Impact, The owner of has come up with SMS system that is donned, is a Web/Desktop SMS that allow individuals, organization and companies to send bulk SMS or special SMS like the one banks send after each transaction to the intended recipients
The SMS system has a lot of feature that distinct it from the common SMS system that is already existing. Some of the futures are:
1. The ability for you to send message out to thousands of people at the same time and they will all receive it all the same time
2. You can set the system to remind you to of an appointment. The message will be delivered exactly on the day, hour and minutes you specify for it
3. With this feature you can set the system to send text messages to your friends during their birthdays or important anniversary. Etc
4. The system also allows to save all your phone numbers from it. Infact it is a good backup for phone contacts because you can create different lists like the ones for V.I.P, friends, business associates
5. With eagle bulk sms you can save massage and re-use them later. You can also edit the saved message and scheduled to be delivered to your recipient in the next 2 or 5 years. Before sending to another recipient
6. It provides you with delivery report that helps you to know if all the messages you sent to mobile phones were delivered or not
7. It has been provided with the platform that will show you the number of the network you send and also state the number of credit to be deducted when the message sent
8. Individual or company can also customized their messages and many more…… go make a new things by clicking here now

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