Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The SMS Business Breakthrough For All!

On Monday this week, we announced our business breakthrough in SMS communication market. I don't know if you have noticed how fast the market is evolving. Everywhere you turn to, you will see something on SMS communication. If you are like many Nigerians, you must have gotten one customized text message from one company, organization or individuals advertising something to you through text message directly delivered to you on your phone.

You may even wonder how they got your phone number. But most of the time people are less bothered about that if the offer is an interesting one to them. They simply respond to it. The fact is that, the next level of marketing is SMS messaging.

There is this recent fact that more than 40 millions Nigerians now use GSM phones and the number keep increasing daily. Somebody also postulated that an average Nigerian sends about 5 text messages daily. Let's use a conservative number of 20 millions Nigerians sending at least 2 text messages per day at the rate of N7.00 through the same GSM operator network, that will be 40millions multiply by 7, that is 280 million naira just in a single day! That's a whopping sum of 8.4 billion naira in a month! Can you see why the GSM operators will always be making killing money? Most of that money are pure profit, the truth is that the operators can give you SMS for free because it cost them little or no money.

Now imagine you having the opportunity to cut your teeth into some of the profits being made by the GSM operators. Imagine you having a share of the 8.4 billion naira that quietly enters into GSM operators pockets? That is why we too at E-wealth Creation has invested close to 5 million naira to be part of the share and now that we have found the solution, we are throwing the
opportunity to our users.

If there is any time for you to start web SMS business it is now! By December, millions of text message will be sent. You know, December is noted for festivity. If you have an SMS system that will allow people to send SMS to friends, relatives, co-workers, members of the club or religious sects, then you are on your way to celebrate 2010 New Year in a big way!

Apart, you can have a great market because 2010 will be for political campaign. Imagine you having some of the political parties or some of the politicians using your SMS system for campaign purpose? That may be your own opportunity to share out of the national cake. So, that is what the system we have created is for.

eaglebulksms is just a model of the system we hope to give to you. So, we will like you to get to, register on it, buy SMS units
and see how your future system will work. Feed us back on what you want us to include or what you want us to eliminate. Like I said in my earlier post, the system will be customized with your own name. It won't carry, if you wish to call it and the domain name is available, then that will be the name. It won't even reflect anything E-wealth Creation. You are the owner and you have the full charge of the system.

Meanwhile, take advantage of our reduced price for SMS now and buy yours at SMS you buy at will not expire and you can use it at any time you want. platform will be available for retailing.

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